Nationally Arranged Services

Metro Legal Services can provide you with the best in service from the Twin Cities to Dallas, New York to San Francisco and everywhere in between!

By using Metro Legal for your out-of-town and out-of-state service needs, you will:

  • Save hours of time tracking down and arranging service
  • Eliminate the hassle of searching through legal directories
  • Receive the same reliable service you've come to expect from Metro Legal

Our Nationally Arranged Services Department will handle:

  • Process Service
  • Document Retrievals
  • Courthouse Filings

Anywhere in the United States! Save yourself the time and hassle of finding a responsible service. We'll handle everything from start to finish, including advancing any necessary fees.

  • Member of National Association of Professional Process Servers
  • Member of National Public Records Research Association
  • Member of Public Records Retriever Network


Additional Information & Rates

  • Minnesota 
    • Standard (2-week) service from $65 to $125
    • Rush (3-day) service from $85 to $175
    • Priority Rush (next day) service from $95 to $225
    • Same Day Rush service from $150 to $275
  • United States Standard 
    • (2-week) service from $100 to $125
    • Rush (3-day) service from $125 to $175
    • Priority Rush (next day) service from $150 to $225
    • Same-Day Rush service from $175 to $275
  • Canada / U.S. Territories / England / Australia / New Zealand 
    • Call John at 612-349-9521 to discuss

* Service by a specific deadline is not always available: depending on the area there may not be a private process server or the server for that area may simply not be able to make an attempt at service within the limits of a particular deadline. 

What is Included

  • Arrangements with a local contractor to make their best effort to accomplish service within the stated timeframe.
  • A standard notarized proof of service returned to us by mail and forwarded to you with our invoice.
  • Metro Legal Services will pay the contractor their fee as well as any ancillary charges for shipping the documents or the contracting fee for printing the documents on their end.
  • Free pickup within the Metro Legal Services defined downtown zones.
  • Discounts are applied when serving multiple entities at the same address. The amount will depend on the discount we receive from the contractor.


Items that are Likely to Incur a Surcharge

  • Multiple services at the same address or upon the same entity completed at the same time. The cost depends upon the contractor but is usually $25 in addition to the specified rates; in some circumstances, there is no discount for additional services.
  • Having the affidavit returned by overnight courier (may not be available the day following service) is $25 (shipping charges included.)
  • Weekend service or service attempted at a specific time at your request. The cost depends upon the contractor but is usually $15 to $65 in addition to the specified rates.
  • Special handling of requests made outside of normal business hours is billed at $60 per hour.

Why you should have Metro Legal Services make the arrangements to have your documents served in another part of the country:

  • We work with only the best contractors available:
    • There are more than 50 process serving companies in New York City.
    • There are more than 40 process serving companies in Los Angeles.
    • There are more than 25 process serving companies in Chicago.
    • For each city, we use only one contractor to handle all of our work within the city and their coverage area. With so many available choices, one can hardly begin to make the appropriate choice of a contractor without extensive knowledge. We have that knowledge and can assist you in completing service properly and within your time constraints by using premier contractors.
  • We use a standardized "Request for Process Service" form. Our contractors are familiar with them and know where to find all the important information:
    • Deadline
    • Documents
    • Subject
    • Address
    • And above all else: service instructions.
    • Almost every other State in the Country has service rules that are at odds with ours in Minnesota. Without proper instruction, a process server in another jurisdiction is fairly likely to improperly serve Minnesota process.
    • We have created a set of informative and succinct service instructions that cover every aspect of Minnesota service rules. Depending on the type of documents and their specific service requirements a set of service instructions clearly informs the server how and when service can be completed and upon whom.