Bike Courier

Job Description

The position of Bike Courier is an entry-level position that requires a time commitment of between 15 to 40 hours per week. Each time you report to work, our Dispatcher will provide you with a number of assignments that may include requests for deliveries; pick-ups; service of process; public office deliveries or document retrievals; or a number of other types of requests. The Dispatcher also provides instructions on how to complete these requests, and specifies time deadlines that you are expected to meet. The dispatchers, as well as the rest of our staff, function as a support group to assist you in completing your assignments. Once you're out of the office it is up to you to complete the assignments accurately and completely and explain any difficulties which kept you from doing so.

The job requires excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to follow instructions closely yet think independently on your feet. You must have a dependable bicycle, be in good physical condition, and able to work outside under adverse conditions. A working knowledge of the downtown area is extremely helpful.

Each day approximately four shifts are scheduled between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in our Minneapolis office. They start throughout the day and last between three to eight hours. The assignment of shifts is flexible to meet odd scheduling needs on the part of our employees. Priority in the assignment of these shifts is given to top performers and people with flexible schedules and a demonstrated willingness to work. We require that everyone work a minimum of three shifts per week, up to a maximum of ten.